For The Purple, it isn't that bad: 3 stats that prove it


The Vikings are 1-3, they have a quarterback controversy, and their defense is horrendous.

The funny thing is, it seems relatively impossible that Minnesota is sitting at 1-3 considering their statistical proficiency in so many important categories.

These three in particular, show that the Vikings really deserve more than the one-win they have at the quarter pole of the 2013 season.

1. TURNOVERS: Minnesota is tied for third in the NFL in takeaways, forcing 12 turnovers so far. The only teams above them? 3-1 Chicago and 4-0 Seattle, while The Purple are tied with 4-0 Kansas City in the category.

Not only that, Minnesota is tied for 10th in the league in give/take, boasting a +2. The record of teams that they are behind or tied with in that category? An absurd 34-8. None of those teams have a record below .500.

2. OFFENSIVE EXCELLENCE(?!):For all the criticism of the Vikings QB situation, talk of the offensive line falling apart, and worries that AP might not be the same guy we saw last year (largely put to rest yesterday), the Vikings are still fourth in the NFL in points scored.

That puts Bill Musgrave's offense better than five of the six undefeated teams left in the league. You're probably saying; "Well hold on, two of the undefeateds play tonight in New Orleans. True, but the Saints would have to put up 45 and Miami would have to put up 41 points to catch this Viking offense.

Good luck Drew Brees and Ryan Tannehill.

3. POINT DIFFERENTIAL:Yes, the offense has been good, but the defense has been bad, giving up 123 points. That being said, that leaves the Vikings at just a -8 in the points category, losing three games by a combined 15 points.

That point differential is the best of the six 1-3 teams in the league, while it ranks the Vikings seventh of 16 teams that are either 1-3 or 2-2.

What should that tell you? Essentially, at least by point differential standards, Minnesota is a middle of the road 2-2 team.

By the way, the three teams the Vikings have lost to (Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland) are a combined 8-3 this year.

A little hope to get you through the Vikings bye week.

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