Forbes: 2 Vikings top 'most overpaid' list


This one we're filing into the "take it for what it's worth" category., which cranks out list after list after list (we love lists), is out with its 10 most overpaid NFL players heading into the 2013 season.

At the top? A pair of Vikings. One makes sense, the other one is a head-scratcher.

First of all, Forbes' says it relied on Approximate Value (AV), a statistic borrowed from It took the AV and compared it to the players' salary and on-field contributions from the last three seasons.

If you can figure this out without getting a pounding migrane, BMTN's Rick Kupchella, Don Shelby, Amy Hockert, Eric Perkins and Kevyn Burger will drive to your house and cook you a 7-course meal. Tonight.

OK, enough preamble.

Forbes lists Pro Bowl fullback Jerome Felton as the most overpaid player in the National Football League.

Vikings tight end John Carlson is No. 2 on the list.

While Carlson had a down year in 2012, (eight catches for 43 yards in 14 games), we can buy that one.

But Felton?

Wasn't he the guy who opened holes for NFL MVP Adrian Peterson last year?

Vikings coach Leslie Frazier, via, was praising Felton just last week: "Jerome had a lot to do with Adrian’s production. When we looked at our offseason study after the 2011 season, we realized Adrian was very productive when he had someone in front of him … (Felton) provided something that we were lacking.”

Yep, head-scratcher.

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