Forget about QBs, Vikes need DBs: Cook, Sanford to return?


For all the talk about the quarterback shuffling going on with the Minnesota Vikings, you couldn't be blamed for forgetting that football is a team sport.

But it is, and the Vikings have had a defensive secondary issues this year that loom as large as any Christian Ponder failings. Minnesota has allowed the second-most yards passing per game in the NFC, second only to the Cowboys, allowing opposing QBs to rack up 326 yards on average.

If you figure in the 10 passing touchdowns the D has allowed, that puts the Vikings dead last in the NFL.

Jamarca Sanford and Chris Cook didn't even practice during that week in London, and certainly weren't on the field against the Steelers at Wembley.

They did finally practice yesterday, however, and both may be poised to return to plug some holes in a leaky defensive backfield.

"You can expect to see me out there," Cooks tells the Pioneer Press.

And as the Pioneer Press also notes, Cook has missed 27 of 52 games since he was drafted in the second round in 2010, either due to injury or suspension.

He says his goal was to play all 16 games this season, but he sounds like he's ready to try for 15.

"I can't be too down about the situation," he tells the PiPress, "only missing one."

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