Former Twins playoff guide: A complete look at who is where


Where do your allegiances lie in the MLB postseason?

Take your pick of these former Twins, because if we can't root for Minnesota, we can at least remember when we did, and those days featured a lot of these guys.

PITTSBURGH (Affectionately called Twins East):

Justin Morneau: He's only been gone five weeks, and he hasn't been great for Pittsburgh, but has gotten on base three times in two postseason games.

Francisco Liriano: Took Pittsburgh deeper into the postseason almost completely by himself in the Pirates wild card game. Unfortunately for Pittsburgh, he can't pitch every night.

Garrett Jones: You may have forgotten he was ever a Twin, but at one point he was an absolute stud first base prospect being held up by Justin Morneau. Now, he's a former stud first base prospect being held up by Justin Morneau (just 35 AB since Morneau acquisition).

ST. LOUIS CARDINALS: None, how did this team make the playoffs with no former Twins?


Delmon Young: The big solo homer for Young in the Rays wild card game against Cleveland last night set the tone. Young has nine postseason homers since 2011, most in the majors.


David Ortiz: But you knew that.

Craig Breslow: Relief pitcher that had 59 appearances for Minnesota between 2008-09. It may have been short, but he was one of us, love him.


Torii Hunter: You also knew that.


Grant Balfour: The loveable Australian spent three seasons with Minnesota, and shed his image as Grant Ball-Four before reinventing himself as a closer these last two seasons with Oakland.

Pat Neshek: Speaking of lovable pitchers, Neshek was about as good as it got. A submariner that had to change his arm angle when he was young in order to keep pitching, Neshek may not throw fast, but his incredible delivery and variety of pitches keeps him in the league at a high level.


Nick Punto: We know Nick, maybe a little too well. A frustrating bat, a ferocious glove, and now, a World Series Champion.

ATLANTA: The Twins almost signed current Brave Freddy Garcia once, does that count? No??? No Twins here? They'll be eliminated soon.

There it is, pick your sides, grab your old jerseys, bragging rights and past glory is on the line.

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