Former Vikes QB McLeod Bethel-Thomson hears London calling again


The McCleod Bethel-Thompson era for the Minnesota Vikings, alas, is over. But now that he's a 49er, a new McLeod Bethel-Thompson era has begun.

Per the San Jose Mercury News, when the NFL returns London for a second time this season, so could McLeod Bethel-Thompson. Currently the 49ers third-string quarterback, he suited up as a Minnesota Vikings backup in their Sept. 29 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

And You’ve probably never heard of McLeod Bethel-Thompson, but he could soon hold an NFL record.

And ESPN's NFL Nation: Bethel-Thompson will be a story for the English media again. Last month, he was popular there because his maternal grandfather, Wilbur "Moose" Thompson won the gold medal in the 1948 Olympics in the shot put at Wembley Stadium.

He is generating pub in his new home town.

All Bethel-Thompson has to do is stick to the 49ers roster for a bit more than a week, says the San Jose paper. However, this might be an accomplishment of itself, since the 49ers have already cut Seneca Wallace, Scott Tolzein, B.J. Daniels, and John Skelton this season.

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