Former Viking Mckinnie blames Jonathan Martin, not Incognito, in hazing scandal


With details emerging constantly around the Miami Dolphins and the alleged "hazing" of offensive tackle Jonathon Martin by Richie Incognito, former Viking and current Dolphins offensive tackle Bryant Mckinnie has decided to weigh in with his opinion.

Mckinnie said in the Miami locker room today "it was a decision Jonathon Martin made to leave on his own" going on to say "Richie is the one that is being bashed the hardest...kind of difficult for guys (that know Incognito) to see him portrayed as a racist and a bully because they actually know him."

Some other Dolphins have felt the same about a possible return by Martin to the Miami locker room.

Receiver Mike Wallace said that Incognito is "a great guy," while defensive lineman Jared Odrick said "you kind of wish people went about it a different way, there were other ways this could have been handled," presumably speaking about Martin's alleged blow up in the Washington cafeteria.

Vikings defensive end Jared Allen has also come to the defense of Incognito, while a former Incognito and Martin teammate claims that Martin was never bullied.

The stem of the issue surrounding Martin, Incognito, and the massive debate that has been sparked surrounding hazing and bullying in NFL, is a voicemail and text messages that Incognito left Martin, as well as Martin leaving the Dolphins because of a "non-football illness" stemming from the aforementioned incident in the Redskins cafeteria.

Incognito has since been suspended indefinitely, while Martin remains away from the team.

There are plenty more details on each side, with seemingly everyone having a different take on the situation.

The NFL has launched an investigation into the situation, one that is being monitored by the NFL Players Association.

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