Former Viking McKinnie in the middle of another melee


In a Sunday night fracas that left Baltimore Raven's Pro Bowl kick returner Jacoby Jones "bleeding everywhere," a familiar name has popped up: Current Ravens and former Vikings tackle Bryant McKinnie.

As first reported by TMZ (we know this is the sports pages, but, hey, bear with us), Jones, McKinnie and other Ravens were aboard a party bus stocked with at least one giant champagne bottle and one angry stripper.

Jones was involved in an incident that happened on a party bus after a celebration of McKinnie's birthday at the Opera Ultra Lounge in Washington, according to the Baltimore Sun.

From there, it's pure tabloid fodder.

The Sporting News says Ravens teammates were on the bus leaving the club at around 3 a.m. Monday, hours after the Ravens defeated the Houston Texans in Baltimore. The report said that Jones was “bleeding everywhere” after being hit by a stripper named “Sweet Pea” with an Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades bottle, and that the fight escalated afterward.

Bleacher Report helpfully adds that Ace of Spades is the colloquial term for Armand de Brignac champagne, which is packaged in metallic bottles.

The good news is that no arrests were made and no one was taken to the hospital, but the damage was done and Jones must now deal with the embarrassment, according to

The incident immediately drew comparisons to the Minnesota Vikings Love Boat incident. Do we have to describe that for you? It has its own Wiki page, if you didn't know.

Jones’ friends tried to go after the stripper once their friend was hit, but McKinnie got in the middle and began fighting with Jones’ friend, according to another Sports Illustrated account.

The Star Tribune digs back to a 2009 interview with McKinnie, where he makes the Love Boat incident seem like so much water under the bridge.

Of course, McKinnie isn't just known for the Love Boat cruise. Viking fans may recall a 2005 scuffle he was involved in at a gas station in downtown Minneapolis near the Metrodome.

Then there was that whole whacking-a-bouncer-outside-of-a-Miami-club thing in 2008.

And then there was the tidbit during training camp this year where McKinnie was declared too heavy to practice.

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