Former Wolves landing lucrative deals in free agency


Self-loathing, bitter, and wallowing in sadness.

Three things that Minnesota fans have had to become accustomed to over the years, and nothing hurts more than one of your own finding success somewhere else.

2013 NBA free agency is giving us more examples as we speak, with these former Wolves flunkies finding financial footing easy to come by this offseason.

Al Jefferson: The biggest of the deals so far, Big Al is taking his talents to Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte on a (sit down for this) three-year, 41 million dollar deal.

I just passed out.

Don't look now, but he has put up three very solid seasons since the Wolves traded him for two first round picks and Kosta Koufas in 2010.

Those two first round picks turned in to Lazar Hayward and Nemanja Bjelica (the Wolves selected Trevor Booker with the first of the two first rounders and traded him to Washington for these two) and Chase Budinger, who the Wolves traded the other first rounder for.

My head hurts.

Martell Webster: We won't go in to the whole story on how this one may be worse than the Al Jefferson debacle, but it very well could be.

Remember this?

Well, now he's getting four years and 22 million bones from the Wizards.

The strange thing about that? He isn't much better than when he wore a Wolves uniform. This one is a head scratcher.

Mario Chalmers: Yeah, he was a Wolf for about 45 seconds on draft day, but now he has two rings and a one year, four million dollar deal.

Kevin Garnett: OK, it wasn't a free agency deal, but KG is getting a new start in Brooklyn after the blockbuster trade that send him to the Nets. Had he been left behind in Boston, it might've gotten ugly with a roster consisting of Rajon Rondo and 11 stuffed animals.

Chauncey Billups, Corey Brewer, Wayne Ellington, Randy Foye, Ryan Hollins, Mike James, Wes Johnson, Andrei Kirilenko, Pek, and Sebastian Telfair are former Wolves waiting on deals.

What a collection of names.

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