FOX analyst Randy Moss: I am not a member of the media

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Randy Moss, who now works for Fox Sports 1, is telling the media that he’s … not a member of the media.

He tells Sports Illustrated that being a media member “isn’t his label ... and I don’t want it to start now.”

Furthermore: "I love the game of football, and this is just a new way for me to be part of the game. Everything from the makeup to the studio to the lights, camera, action, I am enjoying everything. I like to adventure out and learn new things, and this gives me the opportunity to keep learning.” football guru Mike Florio isn't buying it. Not for one second. He spells it out for No. 84: "Anyone who appears in an on-air capacity talking about football is a member of the media."

So take that, Randy, you, you ... media member.

But Florio also says: "If he continues to insist he isn’t, he’ll look foolish."

Uh, hey, Mike. Been there, done that. Homey.

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