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FOX removes Mike Goldberg from Sunday's Vikings-Bills broadcast


Mike Goldberg has been removed from the NFL on FOX booth for this week's Minnesota Vikings game at Buffalo on Sunday.

Goldberg, who was heavily criticized after repeated mistakes during his announcing of the Vikings-Detroit Lions game last Sunday, unleashed a round of harsh tweets at a few fans who were critical of his performance.

The Buffalo Bills and FOX announced the change on Tuesday.

Sunday was Goldberg's NFL on FOX debut. He made several mistakes, from confusing players and coaches to missing downs and distance. One particular mistake was outlined by Pro Football Talk on Monday.

“One mistake was particularly telling: Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater threw a pass to receiver Greg Jennings, and Goldberg at first said the intended receiver was Golden Tate. Obviously, Tate was not the intended receiver as Tate plays for the Lions. Jennings and Tate both wear No. 15, which suggests that Goldberg saw a player in a No. 15 jersey, looked down at a roster in front of him, and called the name of the wrong No. 15. It’s easy to understand how that mistake was made, but hard to understand why Goldberg needs a roster to identify players like Jennings and Tate, who are their teams’ leading receivers. A well-prepared announcer should know prominent players like Jennings and Tate without having to look up their jersey numbers.”

According to Pro Football Talk, FOX probably would have forgiven the mistakes if it hadn't been for Goldberg's profane tirade on Twitter.

Goldberg has been a long time commentator for Ultimate Fighting Championship.

He has also called hockey games on television for several NHL teams including the Minnesota Wild.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday, Goldberg apologized for his "momentary lapse of reason" on Sunday night.

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