Frazier: Freeman won't start this week, but it's 'part of the equation'


Vikings coach Leslie Frazier spoke with the media this afternoon for the first time since the Vikings signed quarterback Josh Freeman, who according to Frazier will not start this week against the Carolina Panthers.

The starting job will belong to Christian Ponder or Matt Cassel.

“We’re gonna see how Christian does on Wednesday (at practice), but between he and Matt, they’ll be the guys that try to start the game," Frazier said at the press conference. "We’re not going to get Josh up and going for this game.”

Frazier said Ponder and Cassel "understand the business that we're in," so they shouldn't have any major concerns about the quarterback competition growing to three players.

“I think we’re all on the same page on how it affects them and how it affects our team," Frazier added.

Frazier claims that a sales pitch wasn't required to get Freeman's interest.

“He was very interested," Frazier said. "He has friends on our team, evidently, and he talked to a lot of our guys prior to me even talking to him."

“He kind of wanted to be in this environment, and he was excited.”

When will Freeman become the starter?

“Just have to see how long it takes him to understand our offense and what’s required for him to run our offense, and then go from there," Frazier said. “The focus for us is this Carolina game and whatever we gotta do to get a win. Josh is not going to be the starting quarterback this weekend.”

“That’s part of the equation," Frazier said of future plans to start Freeman. "That’s definitely on the table so we’ll see how he progresses and how he picks up our offense.”

Meanwhile, the original report that Freeman would get paid $3 million for the remainder of the season is incorrect. According to Pro Football Talk, Freeman will be paid at an annualized rate of $3 million, which apparently works out to $2 million.

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