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Frazier: 'Change for change sake, I don’t buy into that'


Saying that for now, things will stay put, Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier addressed the media Monday before Minnesota heads to London this evening.

As for the disappointing 31-27 loss to the Browns, Frazier said, "We didn’t have any lapses. We just didn’t play as well, we didn’t execute."

As for shaking up any key players, including replacing quarterback Christian Ponder, Frazier wasn't having any of it. "Change for change sake," Frazier said, "I don't buy into that."

So, he's still got the QB's back. "He has to play better," Frazier said. "But there are problems with this team that go beyond Christian Ponder."

As the Star Tribune notes, fans at the Metrodome Sunday were chanting for backup QB Matt Cassel. If Frazier is any kind of read, it ain't gonna happen.

“There’s a lot of different things you can do, other than personnel, to change things up a little bit,” Frazier said. “And I’ve taken that approach at times. But when you make those changes, you want to have a reason why you’re doing it.”

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