Frazier: Freeman can't save the season by himself


Vikings coach Leslie Frazier is excited to see what new quarterback Josh Freeman brings to the table, but he knows he can't single-handedly save the season.

"Oh man," Frazier half-laughed when asked if Freeman can turn the tide by himself. "I don't know if one guy can save the season." One guy will not turn out season around, it's going to take a collective effort. We need everybody to play well."

Freeman doesn't feel the pressure to save the Vikings, either.

"What I did know, talking to Rick Spielman, is that it wouldn't be an immediate pressure, 'You got to get in and you got to save the season,' '' Freeman said, via the Pioneer Press. "That's not how I feel at all.''

Frazier didn't set any expectations for Freeman's first start against the Giants on Monday Night Football, but he did say the 6-6 QB is doing everything he can from "sun up to sun down" in order to be fully prepared.

"It's definitely an accelerated learning curve," Frazier said. "He's spending a ton of time here in the building making sure he's clear on what we're doing."

Freeman agreed.

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