Frazier gets Ponder's back


Vikings Coach Leslie Frazier was quick to defend his starting quarterback Christian Ponder, during his mid week press conference, after a four turnover performance in the Vikings 34-24 loss at Detroit on Sunday.

Frazier said Ponder has come back focused and ready to play better this week. Frazier said he thinks it wouldn't be wise to change the quarterback after one week.

According to the Star Tribune Frazier said Wednesday that Sunday's loss was not all about Christian. Frazier said the team needs to play better across the board.

Ponder was 18 for 28 in the game for 236 yards, but he threw three interceptions and lost a fumble. Ponder said that he thinks many of the mistakes are fixable.

ESPN reports that Vikings wide receiver Greg Jennings echoed his coaches' sentiments. Jennings said it falls on the team, "if we play well, he will look great, if we don't play well, he still will not look great."

The Vikings head to Chicago on Sunday for another NFC North Division game.

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