Frazier post-game: 'We got a lotta things to figure out'


A despondent Leslie Frazier met the media after the Viking home loss to the Browns 31-27 Sunday:

"We got a lotta things to figure out ... to play better."

Injuries: Chris Cook out with a groin, A. J. Jefferson out with an ankle, Jamarca Sanford bad hammie. That's all coach had to say before he answered questions.

He's pretty beat up. The challenge flag, the Browns in the backfield, secondary injuries - it's all there. Frazier hears all that.

Frazier's a decent guy - he won't even take the bait on trashing Ponder - but perhaps he's lucky that he's headed to London in about 12 hours.

A chagrined coach rubs his brow at the end, and concludes: "Just makes you scratch your head."

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