Frazier postgame: 'I have a contract for 2014, I hope the Wilf family will honor that' - Bring Me The News

Frazier postgame: 'I have a contract for 2014, I hope the Wilf family will honor that'


Head coach Leslie Frazier is likely out of a job.

Earlier today, FOX Sports Jay Glazer reported a decision has already been made on Frazier's future, and that he will be dismissed from his position with the organization Monday.

Still, after a 14-13 win over division rival Detroit, Leslie was in the moment, excited to finish the year with a victory.

"A great way to close out the Metrodome. So proud of our players, just battling and focusing on this game and not getting caught up in anything else. We were concerned about distractions with family coming into town on Christmas week, but to our players credit, they did everything they needed to do to get a win."

On Cordarrelle Patterson: "He's a very talented young man. He stays healthy, the sky is the limit. He could be one of the all-time greats before it's over."

Did you talk with ownership? "I did, their message was to go out and battle and get a win."

On the timetable for knowing about his job: "I'm not sure about that, I have a contract for 2014, I hope the Wilf family will honor that. Give us a chance to come back next season and get our quarterback situation fixed, the depth of our roster fixed, and let us finish what we've started."

On the QB situation: "You like the way Matt (Cassel) did some things at the end of the year, gives you some hope. But there is a lot of conversation and review that needs to go into it. It's a quarterback driven league, if you don't have that position functioning, I don't care what you do in other areas, you're going to be fighting uphill."

On a FOX Sports report saying he will be fired Monday: "I don't get concerned about reports about my job."

The message after the win: "Told them (players) how proud I was of them. To battle through adverse moments, to finish the second-half of the season 4-3-1, special group of guys."

On why he thanked players postgame: "You know the team is going to be different a season from now. Just wanted to be able to thank those guys for what they've done this year. We didn't always get the ball to bounce our way. Somebody told me we were something like 52 seconds away from being a 10-6 team. We weren't always able to complete some things that would've helped us, but it's not because they haven't given us everything they have."

"I have a lot of belief in my abilities as a coach, a lot of belief in the guys on our team, a lot of belief in our staff. For that reason, I don't have to walk in fear, you just hope things work out. Grateful for the support I've received here in Minnesota."

Are you proud of your resume here? "Absolutely. I've done everything I can do in my tenure here as the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings."

It could be the last time Frazier addresses the Minnesota media, listen to it all here.

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