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Frazier postgame: 'Very, very disappointing loss'


Anyone that watched would agree.

Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier took to the podium without a whole lot of positive things to say to the media after a 35-10 loss to Carolina, but started by stating the obvious, that to lose to a 1-3 team by 25 at home following a bye week is "very, very disappointing."

Other notable quotes:

"I didn't see our team coming in and playing as poorly as we did today, just struggling, in so many areas."

"We were unable to get the stops on defense, when we needed them."

"A lot of work ahead of us to get things turned around."

"I'm not sure why we've struggled."

"Poor job on my part getting our guys ready to play today."

"Good job by Carolina, not a good job by us."


On Cassel: "Take a look at the tape tomorrow, tough for any quarterback when you're under the duress he was under at times. He has to play better, there's no question about it."

On the QB situation: "I want to go back and evaluate what Matt did in this ballgame, then make a determination as we go this week."

Finally, on Adrian Peterson and his family situation: "I thought he handled it as well as you can. It's a difficult, difficult situation, a lot of people trying to support him within the organization, for the most part he's handled it well."


"Desmond Bishop had a knee sprain, had to leave the ballgame, he'll get an MRI, we'll evaluate it to see exactly what is going on there."

"Harrison Smith, turf toe, we'll continue to evaluate that after an MRI."

"Xavier Rhodes left with an ankle sprain, same thing, we'll get an MRI and evaluate that. Few other guys have bumps and bruises I'll learn about tonight and tomorrow."

Leslie just seems like he's out of answers. Here's the full video so you can judge for yourself.

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