Frazier postgame: 'We have to find a way to give them some hope'


Leslie Frazier looked a tad defeated and exhausted at his postgame press conference tonight.

His team had just finished being more than a tad defeated, a 44-31 loss at the hands of the Green Bay Packers.

Here's what he had to say after the Vikings dropped to a painful 1-6 on the 2013 season.

"Obviously a very disappointing loss at home to an NFC North opponent, we couldn't find a way to get off the field on third down. Think we were 2-for-8 on third down on offense, so a combination of not being able to get off the field on defense and not being able to sustain drives on offense against a group that can score points, disappointing night in that way."

"Allowing them to convert third downs just hurt us tremendously, and cost us in the end of that ballgame."

On Ponder: "He had some moments, he did some good things, for example the two-minute drive, that was good. There were times he wasn't as comfortable as you'd like to see him in the pocket. He did some positive things as well."

On the QB situation: "We'll sit down tomorrow, and talk it through and figure out which way we'll go."

On third down defense: "It's been an issue. Not much we can do personnel-wise, these are the guys we have, so we gotta figure out schematically what we can do with the guys that we have to be better."

On Aaron Rodgers: "He definitely made some throws when it looked like we had decent coverage."

On Cordarelle Patterson: "Great job by Cordarrelle, he's done a terrific job all season long on kickoff returns. He's a major threat."

"We have strong enough character and leadership on this team that the guys will come back and prepare well for this next ballgame. We do need to give them some hope for all the hard work they're putting in."

"I don't know how many times I can say that third down is an issue, you can't let people put together the kind of drives they put together tonight."

So, third down defense struggling would be the main takeaway of this seminar.

Here's the full video if you are at all interested.

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