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Frazier postgame: 'We let the game get away from us'


The Vikings are now 2-8 after losing to Seattle on the road Sunday.

Seattle has now won 13 home games in a row, while Minnesota is still looking for their first road win of the season.

Head coach Leslie Frazier addressed the media postgame.

"Tough loss on the road against a good football team. You can't turn the ball over as often as we did, 20 points off of turnovers, very, very difficult. We had a chance in the fourth quarter, but we shot ourselves in the foot. Disappointed in a lot of ways."

On containing Russell Wilson: "I thought for the most part we did a good job of containing him, he got out of the pocket a few times, but I thought we did a good job of containing him."

On putting in Matt Cassel: "I just wanted to see if he could give us a spark."

On Jerome Simpson: "Little bit of it (playing him so much) had to do with Greg (Jennings), we had to adjust."

On Greg Jennings missing the game: "He's a guy we count on so (not having him) definitely made a difference, but guys stepped up."

On Adrian Peterson: "He's not 100 percent, that groin is definitely bothering him. He was so close a couple times to breaking it, but he's not 100 percent."

"Really felt like going into that fourth quarter we were in pretty good shape, thought we were going to get it turned, we were there."

On the defensive line: "We had a different rush plan this week because of what he (Wilson) does in and out of the pocket. His style of play makes you adjust your rush plan, thought we did a good job, but his style of play makes you adjust things from a pass rush standpoint."

There was also plenty of "we'll look at the tape tomorrow" chatter, as is customary with Frazier. Here's the full press conference if you'd like to hear the rest of what Frazier had to say.

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