Frazier: QB decision coming Wednesday, Bishop torn ACL


Read between the lines. When a head coach offers up only one nugget of positivity during the opening of his weekly press conference -- the rookie punter having his best game -- it means his team got obliterated and nothing good came from it.

That's exactly how coach Leslie Frazier opened his news conference today following Sunday's 35-10 home loss to the Carolina Panthers.

The insulting loss gets worse with word of the injuries. Frazier confirmed that linebacker Desmond Bishop suffered a torn ACL and will miss the remainder of the season (See the tweeted from Bishop below). Defensive back Xavier Rhodes "should be OK" after suffering a sprained ankle. Safety Harrison Smith left the game with turf toe and will undergo an MRI later today.

Frazier addressed some mind-blowing statistical data that shows just how bad the Vikings have been defensively.

"We are definitely giving up too many points at this point, and we've gotta work to definitely get that number down in order to be a winning football team," he said.


Frazier says he wants to pick a starting quarterback before the team gets back together for practice on Wednesday. He said he plans on talking with Josh Freeman about how comfortable he is with the offense, and Freeman's answer will play a role in determining who the starter will be.

Frazier noted that Freeman is capable of learning the offense relatively quickly.

"We saw that last week watching and working with him -- just seeing how he picked things up," said Frazier. "He's intuitive. He's a guy that can grasp information and process it as well."

The Vikings will take Tuesday off and we'll be all over the QB decision if Frazier announces one later this week.


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