Frazier: 'We couldn't make things happen when we had opportunities'


What can you say after a performance like that?

Minnesota was brutally flat and entirely lost on offense in their 23-7 loss to New York last night, and Leslie Frazier had to face the music after the game.

Here was Leslie, mostly on what he termed "missed opportunities."

"Josh's performance was up-and-down, they had a lot of guys at the line of scrimmage, made it hard for us to get our run game going and take some pressure off the quarterback position."

"We put together what we thought was a good plan to help him (Freeman) to be successful in this ballgame, and it didn't work out."

"There wasn't a time tonight where I thought about taking him (Freeman) out, we were just two scores down with 10 minutes to go, we were still there and we just needed to make some plays, and we didn't."

"They (Minnesota) played so hard, we just gotta find ways to make some of those plays we didn't tonight. They play with the kind of effort they did tonight, we're going to get some wins."

"You gotta score points, it's become an offensive league, it (the offense) is a concern."

"In a game like this, when our defense is playing so well, to not get it done is very frustrating."

There was one bright spot, with Minnesota coming out relatively unscathed injury-wise:

"(H-back) Matt Asiata has to have an MRI on his shoulder, we'll know more about him tomorrow."

"(Tight end) Rhett Ellison, his ankle, so we'll get an MRI to see what's going on there."

Here's the full presser if you care to relive the "missed opportunities."

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