Freeman: 'I gotta play better'


Josh Freeman put up some shocking numbers last night.

Unfortunately, that wasn't a good thing.

Freeman completed just 20 of 53 passes Monday night in New York, and Minnesota put up zero offensive points, bringing their total to just 10 on offense the last two weeks combined.

Freeman was calm after the game, although anxious to get to back to work after the disappointing outing.

"Any time you have this kind of performance as an offense and as a's frustrating, it's disappointing, but there are a lot of manageable areas in terms of improvement. Was talking with Greg Jennings, we're going to develop that chemistry. A lot of these plays that are just a hair off, they're going to start hitting for us."

"You come out as a player expecting to play better and score more points than we did tonight."

"You guys saw it, there were definitely plays to be made, we were just a fraction off. That's something as an offense, working together, guys will get more comfortable with me and vice versa. I'm definitely excited moving forward."

"Early on I let a couple balls out and they were high."

"These guys, they work, they communicate, it's a joint effort, but at the same time, I gotta play better."

"I don't think we're that far off."

On if he's been told its his job the rest of the way: "No, I've not, I'm continuing to work as hard as I can, get better. I know the guys feel we got something special, I feel the same way, I'm fired up, can't wait to get started for this next week."

"This game is all about scoring points, and we weren't able to do that."

Here's the blow-by-blow at the presser from Freeman's perspective.

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