Gardenhire excited for manager challenges, increased replay

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Ron Gardenhire is all for the addition of more replays and manager challenges when the 2014 MLB season begins.

Included in the changes will be three manager challenges, one of which is available the first six innings, the remaining two from the seventh inning until the end of the game. Baseball commissioner Bud Selig called it a "historic day."

If Gardenhire is successful with his challenges, they won't count as reviews.

"I've said all along they should have a guy in the booth with a replay set right in front of him and he signals yes or no," Gardenhire told FOX Sports North. "I've always thought that's the quickest way to do it."

Gardenhire still might be furious over this missed call a few years back in a playoff game against the Yankees. Thanks, Phil Cuzzi.

Only time will tell how much longer MLB games will be with added replay and challenges, but that's the least of Gardenhire's concerns.

"All umpires tell you the same thing. All they want to do is call it right," he said. "They don't like it when they're seen missing a call and have to answer all the questions. It helps both sides on it."

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