Terry Ryan: No plans to fire Ron Gardenhire


Despite a brutal stretch of baseball that has left the Twins 15 games below .500 entering Friday night's game against the Yankees, general manager Terry Ryan still has faith in manager Ron Gardenhire.

Gardenhire has been in the media crosshairs of late, but "it doesn't bother" Ryan at all "because there's no validity to it," he told the Star Tribune.

Gardenhire still has faith in his ballclub.

Before Friday's series opener against the Yankees at Yankee Stadium, Gardenhire told the Pioneer Press that he believes the Twins can still salvage a seemingly broken season.

"I believe we can run off a 10-game winning streak just like we ran off a 10-game losing streak," Gardenhire said. "That's the streak I'm looking for as a manager. It would be a lot of fun to turn this thing around with this group. That's what the goal is."

Earlier this week Star Tribune columnist Patrick Reusse suggested the Twins should show Gardenhire some mercy and fire him.

"I like managing. I like running the ballclub. I have a lot of fun doing it," Gardy told the Star Tribune on Friday. "I get to see a lot of really good players, on both sides. Best seat in the house. Hottest seat, too, right now. That goes with the territory."

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