Garnett, McHale among ESPN's top 10 power forwards ever

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Kevin Garnett is arguably the most versatile power forward to ever play in the NBA, but ESPN says he's not even the best power forward of his generation.

ESPN's "#NBArank" unveiled its top 10 power forwards in the history of the NBA and Garnett came in at No. 5, one spot ahead of former Gopher and Celtics great Kevin McHale.

The No. 1 player on the list is also the best of Garnett's generation – Tim Duncan of the still-going-strong San Antonio Spurs.

One ESPN evaluator called him the "most intense player of his era" while another said:

"There are only a few players who can state that they were at one time the best player in the world, and Garnett is on that list. One of the most versatile and intense players ever."

For McHale, what else is there to say other than note that players compared defending McHale to a torture chamber.

The full list goes as follows:

  1. Tim Duncan
  2. Karl Malone
  3. Dirk Nowitzki
  4. Charles Barkley
  5. Kevin Garnett
  6. Kevin McHale
  7. Bob Pettit
  8. Alvin Hayes
  9. Pau Gasol
  10. Dennis Rodman

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