Garza, Twins may still work out

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Very preliminary information here, but even after Ricky Nolasco and Phil Hughes joined the Twins rotation in December for $73 million combined, Matt Garza appears to still be an option.

Back when free agency began, the Twins were reportedly seeking a "desired reunion" with Garza, and while those discussions seemingly fell through once Nolasco and Hughes joined Minnesota, multiple reports say they're heating back up.

The catch seems to be security for Garza, as the Twins reportedly will give the once-Twin plenty of money, but not a large amount of years.

In one NESN report, Bronson Arroyo's name is also brought up once again. Arroyo was also rumored to be connected with the Twins earlier in free agency.

Just a tidbit to let you know that the Twins are apparently not done spending, which comes as welcome news after three 90-plus loss seasons.

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