George Mikan rookie card fetches more than $400,000 during auction

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How much do you think a rookie card of former Minneapolis Lakers standout George Mikan would be worth?

If you guessed more than $400,000, you'd be right. Despite playing just seven seasons in the NBA – all of them with the Minneapolis Lakers – and nearly 40 years after retiring and more than a decade after his death, the value of Mikan's rookie card is soaring.

The card was sold for $403,664 at an SCP Auction's Fall Premier online auction – setting a record for a basketball card.

The Associated Press notes the card came from the lone basketball card set ever produced by Bowman, in 1948. The report notes it's the only one of its kind to receive a grade of "Gem Mint 10" from a third-party authenticator.

Mikan scored more than 10,000 points and grabbed more than 4,100 rebounds during his NBA career. It was thought the card could go for as much as a half million dollars.

Forbes notes that many vintage card sites rank the Mikan card as one of their top 10 basketball cards of all time – even ahead of the Michael Jordan 1986 Fleer rookie card.

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