Glen Perkins to fans: Don't be shy, say 'Hi'


Bob Sansevere of the St. Paul Pioneer Press interviewed Twins closer Glen Perkins, and published a ton of good quotes from the Minnesota native.

The best of the bunch centered on Perkins asking fans to just say "hi" to him in person when they get the chance.

As he puts it: "What I strive to do is relate to fans because, hell, 10 years ago I was a fan."

Another great quote centers on him being pretty lucky: "There are two guys here (himself and Joe Mauer) who get to live at home and do this for a job. I have healthy kids and a healthy wife. I don't think I'd change anything."

As for what drives him nuts: "People who drive slow and people who don't say, "Please" and "Thank you." General rudeness gets to me. It doesn't take much to be nice."

To read the rest of what Perkins had to say, click here.

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