Glen Taylor: Everybody likes Ricky, we probably won't trade him

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Ricky Rubio has been the subject of many trade rumors involving the Timberwolves over the last few weeks.

But, according to a Star Tribune report, Wolves owner Glen Taylor shot many of those rumors down when he told Sid Hartman that he doesn't think the team will be dealing their Spanish point guard.

"I don't see that as a likely possibility. I just think the coach, everybody, like Ricky. I think we want him to come in and improve his shooting. But his other things, he plays defense, he gets assists, he helps the others get better. He has some wonderful qualities."

Rubio has been rumored to be involved in many of the trade rumors surrounding Oklahoma City's Russell Westbrook and was mentioned a couple of times in deals that would have involved Chicago's Jimmy Butler.

With Rubio and first-round pick Kris Dunn entrenched at point guard on the roster and Tyus Jones playing as well as he has been in Las Vegas there are some who think Minnesota may have to make a move.

But, at 25, the Wolves have Rubio locked up for three more years – so there isn't a sense of urgency to move him.

One knock on Rubio has been his shooting. He hit on 32.6 percent of his 3-point attempts last season while more than a third of shots were low-percentage long twos.

NBC Sports thinks Rubio could be a much better shooter if he didn't settle for so many shots from deep.

The bottom line is that Rubio and the Wolves may still work for now, but if Dunn continues to impress and if he fits with Minnesota's young core – trade talks involving Rubio may only continue to grow.

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