Gopher recruit Rashad Vaughn cuts college list to 7


In this hyper-aware world we live in, every move nationally ranked recruits make is headline news.

Call us suckers for buying in, but this Gopher basketball program needs a player the caliber of Rashad Vaughn like the Twins need anything but another No. 5 starter, so we are keeping tabs.

Vaughn, formerly of Robbinsdale Cooper High School and currently of Findlay Prep (NV), has cut his list of college destinations to seven, eliminating prestigious basketball institutions Kentucky, Georgetown, UCLA, and Connecticut.

That's right, the U of M has passed another round of cuts by Vaughn, leaving giddy Gopher hoops fans like us with hope that Williams Arena is one day home to ultra-athletic plays like this.

We've used that video no less than 10 times since it happened this summer, and it looks better and better every day the Gophers are still on Vaughn's list.

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