Gopher hoops fans must read Rich Pitino's blog


Gophers basketball coach Richard Pitino posted a new blog on Monday. His latest jottings are a player-by-player recap of last Friday's scrimmage at Williams Arena.

Here's what Pitino thinks of his team just three weeks from the start of the season.

I am very happy with the strides we are taking as a team. We got much tougher this scrimmage. I showed the team a couple of clips from Louisville's scrimmage last week that my father sent me. We tried to explain to the guys that if they wanted to compete with the best they had to be as physical as the best. I also showed them the clip of Torii Hunter trying to rob David Ortiz of a home run in the playoffs. They responded very well after watching both films. The maroon team won the game because they were the better "team." They played together offensively and defensively. Gold did a lot of good things but tried to do it by themselves. I was impressed and grateful for the crowd that showed up Friday night. That's what makes this job and program so special.

The goal over the next couple of weeks is certainly to continue to develop on the fundamentals. One glaring issue is the turnovers.

Less than three weeks to our first game!

Go Gophers!

Richard Pitino

Definitely read the player-by-player recaps Pitino provides. He provides the positives and negatives from each player's performance. For example, this is what he wrote about Malik Smith.

Positives- He didn't hurt any of our great fans with his errant passes.

He will be fine.

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