Gophers player makes pitch to Perkins; Twins reliever delivers

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Twins closer Glen Perkins received a tweet from University of Minnesota pitcher Ben Humbert on Tuesday that read: “how about a ps4 donation for Gopher baseball? The boys would love it”.

Perkins’ response via Twitter: “done. have fun. good luck this year to you all.” An attached image of an receipt proved Perkins was a man of his word.

Humbert, a freshman from International Falls, was understandably elated with the newest addition of the gaming system to the Gophers’ clubhouse.

Perkins, a staple in the Twins’ bullpen since 2006, is a University of Minnesota alum. The three-time All-Star has a penchant for being a light-hearted sports figure, so this story stays true to his fun-loving personality.

The Twins, by the way, will be hosting their annual Diamond Awards on Jan. 28 at Target Field, with proceeds supporting the University of Minnesota’s innovative research and patient care in ALS, ataxia, MS, muscular dystrophy and Parkinson’s disease.

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