Gov. Dayton shames TV network for not showing women's hockey game


Gov. Mark Dayton went to Facebook Friday evening to congratulate the Gopher women's hockey team on their 3-2 victory over Wisconsin.

Then, the governor made a second post with a complaint.

Dayton says in the post that he tried all week to get the women's hockey games broadcast on local television stations. He says KSTP was willing to and WCCO tried. However, he says CBS Corporate in New York has the rights to broadcast, "but wouldn't relinquish them."

The Star Tribune says the rights are actually owned by Turner Broadcasting.

This isn't the first time the governor complained about the lack of game coverage. In 2014, Dayton also went to Facebook to express his frustrations viewing the women's hockey National Championship game.

The Gophers play Boston College in the title game Sunday at 1 p.m. You can watch the game live online on the NCAA's website here.

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