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Greenway: 'I have one more year of football in me'


Chad Greenway has been in the NFL for a decade, but he'd like to make his journey as a player last one more season.

"I have one more year of football in me," Greenway said in an interview with Sirius XM on Thursday.

Greenway added: "A goal of mine was to play in one place for my whole career. I want to finish here. The biggest thing is the product I’m putting on the field and continuing to do so at a high level."

Greenway said he's comfortable with the career he's had and if that means retiring – that's fine, but he'd much rather play one more season to finish his career with the Vikings. Greenway did not dismiss the possibility of playing for another team.

The South Dakota native is tied with Scott Studwell for the most seasons as the Vikings' leading tackler (6) and he's only 36 tackles behind Carl Lee or the most in franchise history, according to Sid Hartman.

He was the No. 17 overall pick out of Iowa in 2006 and he's been one of the Vikings' most durable and reliable linebackers ever since.

Greenway is enjoying Winter Fest with fellow Vikings players and alumni this weekend in Duluth.

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