Greg Jennings has no regrets about leaving Green Bay

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The boo birds will be singing at Lambeau Field on Thursday night when the Vikings and Packers get together. Naturally, the Packer backers will boo the Vikings because they are a division rival, but the booing will get a little bit louder every time Greg Jennings touches the ball.

Jennings spent the first seven years of his career in Green Bay before signing a $45 million contract with the Vikings last year. Again, naturally, Packer fans booed Jennings heavily when he returned to Lambeau for the first time – a game that resulted in a 26-26 tie.

"I can't concern myself with that," Jennings said Tuesday, as noted by the Green Bay Press-Gazette. "I was on that side when Brett (Favre) came back, so I understand the reaction he got. So I don't expect anything to be anything better than that. It is what it is. I'm opposition. I'm an opponent. I want to win."

Jennings got himself into a bit of hot water last year when he took a parting shot at Aaron Rodgers, saying the Packers quarterback thought he was perfect and wasn't about the team. Jennings said he regrets what he said about Rodgers, but on Tuesday he made a Twin Cities versus Green Bay comparison that might irk Packer fans further.

“Honestly, to be honest, no,” said Jennings said, who was asked by if he misses Green Bay. “It doesn’t because – and this is sincerity right here – it really has nothing to do with football. From a football standpoint, I would have loved to have finished my career out in Green Bay, but from where I am spiritually and where I am with my family and the growth that we’ve had because of what we have around us educationally – and there was some great educational systems there, as well — but this is a step up for us."

No disrespect, of course.

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