Guinness says it's official: SCSU Huskies howl their way to world record


As inspiration for anyone who ever thought, "I could set a world record for that," students at St. Cloud State University have set a new Guinness World Record for ... the most people howling together on record.

Their parents must be so proud. Hey, they worked at it, as this page on the SCSU web site shows. The number, for the record, is 296 Huskies setting a record in a category that didn't exist. Which, if you think about it, is probably the easiest way to set a world record.

Anyway, on April 26 they became the largest group on record of people howling together, WCCO reports. On Monday, officials from Guinness World Records verified their efforts.

This is the university’s first Guinness World Record, reports the St. Cloud Times. According to Guinness World Records, 60,000 applications for record attempts are received each year, but only a few are approved and even fewer are successful.

It’s not yet clear if the record will be listed in the next print edition, says WCCO, which raises a question: If a World Record is not in the book, does it exist?

Well, sure it does! Back in April, WJON was there to document this piece of history:

Well played, Huskies. Well played.

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