Happy belated Brett! Care to come back?


Brett Favre turned 44 this past week, and whenever he becomes a year older, the question people ask never seems to change.

Want to come back and play football?

Well, according to USA Today, Brett's answer hasn't seemed to change either.

While Favre acknowledged in a recent interview that he is in good shape, something his agent Bus Cook said a few weeks ago, he also said he is "in no way considering playing."

That's no fun.

The timing for Brett to return would be nice for a Minnesota Viking team that has seen quarterback after quarterback be reduced to rubble by an offensive line that can't seem to protect any of the signal callers, and those QBs haven't done much to help their own cause, either.

We suppose we should probably put the Favre talk to rest, since Josh Freeman is here and the team is most likely his when he has a grasp on the offense, but hey, we were just wishing him a happy birthday, is that so wrong?

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