Harlan with another brilliant radio call of streakers getting crushed

Enjoy the funny radio play-by-play and watch the streakers get crushed by New Jersey state troopers.
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Credit: NewsTubeZR

It's still unclear if one of the streakers from Monday night's Jets-Colts game purposely dyed his hair green or if it was the result of a grass stain when he got wiped out by a security guard.

There were two streakers on the field at the same time, and both of them are probably still feeling the aftereffects of the big hits applied by New Jersey state troopers.

Kevin Harlan's radio call of it was again brilliant. It's the second time this season he's taken advantage of streakers to put together an Emmy-deserving highlight.

"They're actually hitting harder than the Jets defense," color commentator Boomer Esiason joked.

The Colts smoked the Jets 41-10.

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