Harrison Smith ready for Rodgers


Photo courtesy: (www.gamedaygold.com.)

It's been a headline-filled season for Vikings rookie free safety Harrison Smith.

The high point, his pick-six TD return in that victory over the Arizona Cardinals. (Watch the video.)

The low point: Getting ejected from the Tennessee game after shoving a referee.(Watch the video.)

Last week, Smith got his bell rung against the Chicago Bears. But he's passed league-mandated concussion tests and is expected to play Sunday against Green Bay at Lambeau Field.

Smith, in an interview with MinnesotaScore.com, says he feels good and is "excited to play" Sunday, especially on "the hallowed ground of the NFL" that is Lambeau.

As for beating the Packers, Smith says the Vikes will have to tighten up on defense -- and as a rookie -- he welcomes the challenge to go up against a quarterback the caliber of Aaron Rodgers.

To read more from Smith -- including his comments on his alma mater Notre Dame -- CLICK HERE.

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