'Harry Potter' star Daniel Radcliffe believes in Adrian Peterson's magic

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The acclaimed actor who played Harry Potter says he's fascinated by the things Adrian Peterson conjures up on the football field.

In a phone call from the Toronto International Film Festival Tuesday to talk about his new, true-life crime drama, "Kill Your Darlings," Daniel Radcliffe told me about his passion for the NFL and his admiration for the Vikings MVP running back.

A self-described Fantasy Football addict, Radcliffe admits, though, that his rooting for Peterson can only go so far.

"I'm a big Adrian Peterson fan until he's playing against me this year," Radcliffe told me with a laugh. "But right up until that point, I'm a huge Adrian Peterson fan. I think he's just phenomenal."

Radcliffe says the Vikings were on his mind during the draft, but then he decided he didn't want to take a hit out of the gate because of his selection for quarterback.

"I actually drafted the defense, but then I had to give them up because I realized Matthew Stafford was my quarterback and the Lions and Vikings were playing in week one," Radcliffe said. "I didn't want to be scoring on my own defense."

While Radcliffe, 24, has yet to see the Vikings and Peterson play in Minnesota, he says he has at least made a touchdown here -- at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

"I passed through one of your fabulous airports in Minnesota on my way to the Sundance Film Festival this year for 'Kill Your Darlings.' We were treated really Minnesota Nice," the British actor says. "I've never have spent two hours at an airport and felt so helped. They showed us around the airport and were very, very sweet, genuinely."

Another thing that Radcliffe found unique about MSP in his short time here? A set of ivories.

"I remember there was a piano in the airport that anyone can come up and play, which I've never seen before," Radcliffe said.

Radcliffe is in Toronto for the TIFF premiere "Kill Your Darlings," where plays iconic beat poet Allen Ginsberg in his early years. The stage and film actor is also promoting his upcoming fantasy thriller, "Horns," at the festival.

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