Pohlad: Better times ahead for Twins


A third straight season on pace for 90+ losses has Twins fans and members of the organization down in the dumps. But better times are ahead... that's what Twins chief executive officer, Jim Pohlad told Sid Hartman of the Star Tribune.

“We just have to keep working hard and try to develop the players and just be relentless looking for talent — whether it occurs during the offseason in the free agency market or in the scouting world, we have to be relentless, because maybe we took our eye off the ball.”

Pohlad says the losing is "terrible" and there "is nothing on the good side to losing."

Pohlad might be right. There are a couple of minor league players -- Miguel Sano and Byron Buxton -- that have created some excitement and hope for better days ahead.

As Doug Frattallone pointed out ... part of the losing has to do with an inability to make contact with the ball. The Twins are on pace to set a franchise record for most strikeouts in a season.

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