Here are the best-case scenarios for the Vikings this weekend

Trying to figure out how the Vikings can make the playoffs? This should help.

The final few pushes before the NFL playoffs can be a little confusing.

One weekend you need a certain team to win, the next weekend that same team needs to lose. Meanwhile, your favorite team needs to keep winning just to keep their hopes alive.

Such is life on the bubble – which is right where the Minnesota Vikings find themselves.

Here is a quick guide to help you know understand which games could impact the Vikings' playoff chances.

Vikings (6-6) at Jacksonville (2-10)

Obviously, the Vikings need a win on Sunday. Following their 5-0 start, Minnesota may need to go 4-0 if they want a chance to make the playoffs.

Any loss from this point on makes it much tougher to accomplish.

Chicago (3-9) at Detroit (8-4)

The Lions currently lead the Vikings by two games and have the tiebreaker. That means if the Vikings have any chance of winning the NFC North, the Lions can only win one more game.

While the Bears haven't been great this season, a Chicago upset could really help Minnesota's chances.

Dallas (11-1) at the New York Giants (8-4)

The Cowboys have already clinched a playoff spot, the Giants have not. So the Vikings want Dallas to win their 12th straight.

While New York leads the Vikings by two games in the Wild Card race, remember the Vikings have the tiebreaker courtesy of their 24-10 victory over the Giants in Week 4.

Seattle (8-3-1) at Green Bay (6-6)

Nothing is abnormal here: Vikings fans should hope the Packers lose.

Green Bay has tied the Vikings in the NFC North and the Wild Card race, while it looks like Seattle will be headed back to the postseason as the NFC West champions.

A Seahawks win won't affect Minnesota, but a Packers loss would certainly help.

Arizona (5-6-1) at Miami (7-5)

This is an easy one. The Cardinals are right behind the Vikings in the playoff hunt, while Miami is in the AFC.

The Dolphins are coming off an embarrassing loss to the Ravens Sunday, the Vikings would love to see them get healthy with a resounding victory over the Cardinals.

A Miami win would have absolutely no effect on the Vikings' playoff hopes, but would just about end Arizona's.

Washington (6-5-1) at Philadelphia (5-7)

This is where it starts getting tricky. Both Philadelphia and Washington have wins over the Vikings this season.

While a win for Philadelphia would keep the Eagles within a game of the Vikings in the wildcard race, a Washington loss combined with a Minnesota win would also put the Redskins in Minnesota's rearview mirror.

Therefore, an Eagles victory would help the Vikings get one step closer to the postseason.

New Orleans (5-7) at Tampa Bay (7-5)

The Buccaneers and Falcons are tied for the lead in the NFC South, while the Saints are still alive.

New Orleans is only a game behind Minnesota, but a Saints win actually would help.

The Buccaneers have a far tougher remaining schedule than the Falcons, so it's likely they'll be the team contending for the Wild Card, meaning a Tampa loss and a Vikings win would give both teams identical 7-6 records.

Meaning more progress towards the playoffs for the Vikings.

Atlanta (7-5) at Los Angeles (4-8)

This is a take your pick game. Sure the Falcons are a factor in the Wild Card race, but with an easier finish to the schedule they could just as easily win the NFC South – meaning a win combined with a Tampa Bay loss would actually probably be better for the Vikings.

But be careful what you wish for, because if the Falcons win Sunday and stumble down the stretch, they could find themselves right back in the Wild Card race with a relatively easy schedule to finish.

Yes, that's life on the NFC playoff bubble.

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