Here are your Minnesota Twins at the halfway (+1) mark


A beautiful fourth of July yesterday, and much like many of you readers Bring Me The News was taking in the matinee "contest" between the Twins and Yankees as well.

We figured it only right to wait until after their series was complete to give you the rundown of a team that, despite being 10 games under .500, is only nine games out of first place in the AL Central.

With the team trending downward having lost 10 of 13, the question this time of year arises annually, buyers or sellers?

The top commodity for the Twins, especially considering Josh Willingham's torn meniscus, is Justin Morneau, and some believe neither buying or selling is the right way to go.

Others want the former MVP gone.

There's Joe Mauer, who will almost certainly be the starting catcher for the All-Star Game in two weeks, but is mired in a 3-29 slump.

There's the pitching staff, which is now last in the league in starters ERA, and last in overall ERA in the AL.

Should we be happy that the team is where everyone thought it would be preseason? Or should we be disappointed that with a few less mistakes and a few more timely performances, we could be in the thick of the divisional race?

Off the Yankees series, it seems the positives are hard to come by, and these next ten games could give us the answer as to what the next move is.

If this past weekend told us anything, it would seem to be that Minnesota is not yet ready to play with the elite. A sight all too familiar to Twins fans, with the big bad Yankees winning again, and the Twins giving New York no reason to stop the mocking and ridicule.

But there are 80 games to go, and if the team falls flat, at least this is waiting in the wings:


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