Here's 10 ridiculous things that happened in the Vikings' win over the Chicago Bears

This wasn't your typical football game...

The Vikings picked up a 20-17 win over the Chicago Bears on Monday night.

Which is great, a win is a win, but my goodness this was one of the wackiest games of football we've seen. 

Yes, it was very #Vikings for things not to go according to plan, and the following 10 things stood in out in Minnesota's win over Chicago.

1. Bradford's screwed

Sam Bradford tried to give it a go and things did not go well. In his first appearance since Week 1, Bradford completed five of 11 passes for just 36 yards. 

He clearly looked still hobbled from his leg injury and apparently he aggravated the injury on Monday night. At one point, instead of being sacked, Bradford simply sacked himself... which was his "highlight" of the night.

2. Our backup won us a game

It's fitting that backup Case Keenum came in and had no problem carving up Chicago's defense. Keenum was 17-21 for 140 yards and a touchdown. It was the second time this season that Keenum has posted a passer rating in the triple digits.

3. There was a fake punt for a touchdown

Bears punter Pat O'Donnell actually had a perfect NFL passer rating of 158.3 on Monday. His one pass of 38 yards to Benny Cunningham set up Chicago's first touchdown for an embarrassing moment for Minnesota's special teams.

4. Minnesota gave Chicago another touchdown

Vikings safety Andrew Sendejo almost made a spectacular play; instead, he pretty much was credited for an assist – if football was hockey – on Mitch Trubisky's first career touchdown pass.

5. Minnesota actually beat a rookie quarterback

The Vikings have had problems lately with rookie quarterbacks. They lost their last five games to first-year gunslingers: Andrew Luck, Robert Griffen III, Russell Wilson, Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott. So take that Trubinsky!

6. Forbath didn't miss

Vikings kicker Kai Forbath didn't miss a kick! He hit two field goals – including the game-winner – and also knocked in both extra points.

It was only the second time this season Forbath didn't miss a field goal or an extra point.

7. Undefeated on Leif Erikson Day reporter Eric Smith pointed out that Monday's 20-17 win preserved a perfect record of 8-0 on Leif Erikson Day, which is a day that honors Norse explorer Leif Erikson as the first European thought to have set foot in North America.

Super Bowls? Forget them. Leif Erikson Day is where Minnesota leaves its mark.

8. A rare win in Chicago

The Vikings pulled off a rare feat at Solider Field. It was just the second win in Chicago in the last ten years.

Although most Chicago fans were happy to see quarterback Jay Cuter leave after 2016, no one is happier than Vikings fans, as Cutler used to carve up Minnesota.

9. Career first for Xavier Rhodes

Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes was locked in on defense. Trubinsky didn't throw a single pass towards Rhodes. Pro Football Focus noted it was the first time in Rhodes' career that a throw wasn't his way.

10. They didn't need Dalvin

When rookie Dalvin Cook went down last week the Vikings offense was going to lack some big-play ability, but Jerick McKinnon made up for that with a 58-yard touchdown run.

So there you have it: 10 ridiculous things that happened in the Vikings game.

Now all they have to do is get ready for Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers in five days... That should go over well.

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