Here's everything else everyone is saying about the Zimmer hire

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Hard to keep up with all the emerging opinions about Mike Zimmer, the Vikings coaching search as a whole, and where Minnesota and Zimmer stand in their search for assistants.

Heck, all that on our minds and he hasn't even been officially announced as the new Vikings coach.

Here's what we found that's out there on Zimmer to try and cut through the clutter and bring you the important stuff.

ADRIAN PETERSON: Adrian had menacing words for the Purple, saying "trust me, I'm watching" when referring to the Zimmer hire.

MIKE'S SON ADAM: The younger Zimmer, an assistant defensive backs coach for the Bengals, who wouldn't comment on whether he'll be an assistant with his dad in Minnesota.

AJ MANSOUR: The writer believes that the official announcement on Zimmer may not have come yet because of a disagreement about what to do with the current assistant coaches on staff.

TOM POWERS: The Pioneer Press writer calls Zimmer the "anti-Frazier" in personality.

PRO FOOTBALL TALK: The NBC Sports entity believes Minnesota made the right choice, also believing going the opposite of former head coach Leslie Frazier was the right thing to do. "Leslie Frazier is a nice guy, having talked to some people around the league, the last word that would come to mind when talking about Zimmer would be nice."

MICHAEL RAND: The Star Tribune writer speculates that Norv Turner may be the next Vikings offensive coordinator and Teddy Bridgewater could be Minnesota's next quarterback. The Minneapolis paper also has reaction from Cincinnati on the Vikings new hire heading north.

ELIZABETH MERRILL: Here's a look from the ESPN writer about how Zimmer uses football as a rock of comfort since his wife died.

Finally, the intense 57-year-old will bring a lot to the table, but Pro Football Focus' Sam Monson believes we can all agree on one thing regardless of opinion.

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