Here's the Michael Phelps death stare everyone is talking about

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We've always known that Michael Phelps is a scary guy to race against, but now we know he's just a flat out scary dude.

Before he finished second in the 200-meter butterfly semifinals on Monday night, Phelps was caught on camera giving a nightmarish death stare to a South African swimmer who was shadowboxing in front of him.

"I was trying to not really even look at him,'' Phelps told NBC's Michele Tafoya after the race. "He does his thing, I do my thing. I was watching the heat in front of me and seeing what they were going. I'm obviously excited for the final."

The South African swimmer he eye-melted is his rival Chad le Clos, who'll he'll go up against Tuesday night in the 200 butterfly final, according to ESPN. That race will be on NBC at 8 p.m.

#PhelpsFace has taken off on social media and the reactions are perfect.

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