Here's what a 64-team college football playoff bracket would look like

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The BCS retirement party is coming in early January when all of the college football bowl games come to an end.

The end of the BCS era means true playoff football is back. The brand new four-team playoff bracket will debut at the end of the 2014-15 season, but what if the NCAA instituted a college basketball style 64-team tournament bracket?

USA Today has the answer with this incredible piece of work featuring what this year's bracket might look like. Click on the bracket to see the full size image.

The Gophers are the No. 12 seed in the South region. They would be matched up against No. 5 Central Florida. A win would hypothetically put Minnesota in a matchup with LSU or Utah State in the second round. A trip to the Sweet 16 would bring the possibility of a game against No. 1 Auburn.

Imagine how great this would be for college football fans.

It's a pipe dream that won't happen, but dreaming for a few minutes never hurt anybody.

For now, fans have to deal with 35 bowl games. ESPN, by the way, ranked all of the bowls, and Minnesota versus Syracuse in the Texas Bowl came in at No. 29 on the list.

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