Here's what FSN is replacing 'Circle Me Bert' with

It's not the same, but you can still bring your signs to the game.
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Circle Me Bert

Bert Blyleven nearly changed the tilt of the earth's axis when he announced that he'd been informed by Fox Sports North that his "Circle Me Bert" schtick was done after 15 years.

Fans weren't happy about it, many threatening to boycott the games unless FSN changed its mind. But that's not happening, and it's not entirely bad considering the TV station is replacing "Circle Me Bert" with a more inclusive game. 

The new game is called "Winners Circle," and it's still sponsored by the Minnesota Lottery, with the winner receiving $100 in scratch-off tickets. 

"Bert broke the news!" a tweet from FSN said late Tuesday night. 

"We’re launching a new ... 'Winners Circle' concept so fans at the ballpark AND watching at home can get involved! Signs are still encouraged."

So, no worries. The "Circle Me Bert" gig isn't up, it's just not connected to $100 in lotto tickets anymore. 

Keep bringing your signs just like you have for the last 15 years and Blyleven might spot you and "hereby" circle you.

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