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Here's where MN teams ranks in ESPN's Ultimate Standings

Check where ESPN ranked the Vikings, Wild, Timberwovles and Twins among all four major sports in the country.

Earlier this week, ESPN released their annual Ultimate Standings ranking where they rank all teams the four professional sports (NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL) in the United States from 1-122.

The site ranks these eight factors into it's decision for the rankings: title track, ownership, coaching, players, fan relations, affordability, stadium experience and bang for their buck.

Here's where the four professional sports teams in Minnesota stack up.

Vikings – No. 50

Thanks to a new stadium and coming off a division championship, the Vikings were the highest ranked Minnesota based team.

Only Lambeau Field was ranked as a better stadium experience in the NFL. They jumped up 36 spots from last years ranking.

ESPN notes that Zimmer's presence and the fans appreciation for the head coach is what's good for them.

What's not so great for the Vikings is that U.S. Bank is expensive which makes it difficult for the fans to afford a ticket for the game.

Among just NFL teams, the Vikings were No. 14.

Wild – No. 62

Yes the Wild have made it to four straight playoffs, but Minnesota has yet to be a juggernaut inside the post season and ESPN is starting to wonder if they'll ever get over the hump.

The Wild were the highest ranked Minnesota based team in last years ranking but fell 25 spots in 2016.

This ranking is also the lowest the Wild have been since 2011 – which was before Zach Parise, Ryan Suter signed with the Wild

The good news for the Wild is that they have a great coach in Bruce Boudreau and their stadium experience is still one of the best in the country.

Among just NHL teams the Wild were No. 18.

Timberwolves – No. 79

The emergence of Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins have the Wolves on the rise. Combined with the arrival of Tom Thibodeau and the all of the sudden there's plenty of reasons to be excited for this team.

They even moved up 18 spots from this time last year.

But even with the potential of the Timberwolves at an all-time high, their franchise history as a whole is what's holding them back.

And thankfully the Target Center is going through a massive upgrade, because the Stadium Experience was voted as one of the worst in the entire country.

Among just NBA teams the Timberwolves were No. 20.

Twins – No. 87

After a solid 2015 season in which they were inside the top 50, the Twins fell 40 spots from last years rankings and that will happen when you finish with the worst record in baseball.

The good news for the Twins is that their young talent still did enough to create some optimism that they can turn it around.

Miguel Sano had a solid sophomore season and Byron Buxton showed in his final 29 games that he can indeed live up to his potential of being one of the best prospects in baseball.

Also the Target Filed is still provides one of the best fan experiences.

Among MLB teams, the Twins ranked No. 22.

The Tampa Bay Lightning held the top spot in the rankings with the San Francisco 49ers in the basement.

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