Here's why Argentina crushing the U.S. soccer team isn't so bad

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You've probably seen by now that Argentina smoked the U.S. men's national soccer team 4-0 in the semifinals of the Copa America tournament.

But if you're not a huge soccer fan you probably don't know what last night's beatdown means for U.S. soccer. That's why we invited Go Media soccer aficionado and Go 96.3 morning show co-host Dana Wessel to explain.

Dana, have at it.

Last night the United States got taken out back behind the woodshed by Lionel Messi and Argentina 4-rip. And that’s OK! Lionel Messi and Argentina take a lot of teams out behind the woodshed. That’s what the No. 1 team in the world tends to do to other teams, especially when Messi scores a goal that no other human in the world could score. There is no shame to losing to Argentina. Really, there isn’t! It’s OK!

What is not OK is how flat, uninspired and ill-prepared the U.S. looked last night. Jurgen Klinsmann trotted out a roster of World Cup also-rans rather than going with some of the younger players that may have sparked some excitement. The U.S. lacked any sort of game plan and nobody appeared to be on the same page. Hell, they never even registered a shot on goal. Basically, with the tactics, lineup and effort level the U.S. rolled out with last night, their only chance was hoping Messi got kidnapped during warmups and the Argentina goalie accidentally threw the ball in his own net. That? That is not OK.

But while it may be tempting to say the sky is falling and we need to burn the current state of U.S. soccer to the ground and start over, let’s all just take a deep breath and relax. Again, this was Messi and Argentina. Sometimes it’s good to get a reminder of how far we have to go, while also looking at the matches we've won so far in this tournament as a good measuring stick for how far U.S. soccer has come.

The good news is we still have a third place match to play Saturday night against another top 10 nation in the world (Columbia or Chile). No better way to heal your wounds by inflicting some on someone else. Let’s just hope the U.S. shows up with bit better of a game plan and effort level.

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